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Entrepreneurs Summit 2024

Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind event?

On May 24, 2024, EO Zurich is hosting their first major summit - and you're invited! Join us in Zurich for a full day of inspiration and networking with entrepreneurs from Germany, Switzerland and all over the world. ​We'll be gathering at the cool spaces of Google to experience a program that will surely blow your mind. The theme is "Success stories in difficult Times". Expect top-notch keynotes that will challenge your thinking and offer new perspectives.

Join us for an exclusive networking event fostering collaboration between EO members and like-minded entrepreneurs outside the EO community who meet the EO criteria. This is an exceptional opportunity to connect, share insights & experiences in an inspiring environment. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your entrepreneurial journey. Register now to secure your spot!

Key Note Speaker

Isabelle Nüssli

H.I. Executive Consulting

Sven Holstenson


May 24, 2024
8:15 am
Check In
9:00 am
- Christian Müller (Event Moderator, EO Zurich)
- Ronnie Zemp (President, EO Zurich)
Successfactor: Leadership
9:15 am
Isabelle Nüssli
- Entrepreneur, Experienced Board Member & Author
- Former Board Member of Nüssli Group
Overcoming & preventing crises through strong leadership
10:00 am
- Dominique Reber (Co-Founder
  Hirzel. Neef. Schmid. Konsulenten AG, EO Zurich)

- Jeremias Meier (Partner, former founder bexio, EO Zurich)
- Carsten Hermann (Co-Founder & CTO Particula GmbH, EO Berlin)

- Milena Glimbovski (Founder Original Unverpackt, Author, former EO Berlin)
How to overcome different types of crises
10:45 am
Coffee Break
Successfactor: Strategy
11:15 am
Sven Holstenson
- Partner Pictet
Values | tradition, long-term
12:00 am
- Christian Müller (Founder Strenia Investment AG, EO Zurich)

- Sven Holstenson (Partner Pictet)
- Stefan Kirchhofer (Board Member Kirchhofer AG,
Founding Partner ADROIT Attorneys, EO Zurich)
- Andrea Berlinger (President of the Board Berlinger & Co. AG)
Resilience & the role of long term values and strategies
12:45 am
Lunch Break
Successfactor: Organisation
13:45 am
Robert Buchbauer
- Vice-Chairman Swarovski International Holding and Board Member      of various companies inside and outside the Swarovski Group
- Impulse-Speach & Interview by Christian Müller
Learning from a crisis: The importance of governance
14:30 am
- Marc Stöckli
 (MOS Advisory Services, EO Zurich)
- Helene Andreas (Investor with focus on German Mittelstand, EO Berlin)
- Philippe Sahli (Founder & CEO of Yokoy)
- Stan Dallest (Family business owner, EO Barcelona)
Making boards work
15:15 am
Tobias Moser
- CEO & Co-Owner, FISCHER Spindle Group AG
How to build a resilient company
16:00 am
Coffee Break
Successfactor: Culture
16:30 am
Tom Hanan
- Founder/CEO, Webrepublic AG
Importance of corporate culture in overcoming difficult times
17:00 am
- Samuel Liechti, Founder Blacksocks, EO Zurich)

- Tom Hanan (Founder/CEO, Webrepublic)
- Walter Wädi Hübscher (, EO Zurich) 
- Hans-Peter Bolliger (former co-owner Micro Scooter,
  Owner PanoramaKnife, EO Zurich) 
The value of strong corporate culture
17:30 am
Wrap Up & Learnings
18:00 am
Networking @ Charlatan
 - Aperitif, Dinner, Drinks & Dance
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